Below you will find an outline of the curriculum content delivered across the year. Please be aware that this is only an outline, and therefore at times content may cut across different half terms or may be moved as required. For a detailed breakdown of what you will be tested on in the assessment windows, please check the year group page.

Year 7 Content
Advent 1 Basic greetings:

  • introducing yourself
  • saying your age
  • numbers 1 to 99
  • introduction to writing Chinese characters (basic strokes and stroke order)
Advent 2 Family and home:

  • saying and writing what family members you have
  • saying and writing what pets you have
  • saying and writing when your birthday is
  • the use of measure words in Chinese
Lent 1 Hobbies:

  • saying and writing what hobbies you do
  • giving basic opinions about what hobbies you like and don’t like
  • saying and writing when you do your hobbies
Lent 2 School:

  • saying and writing what subjects you study
  • telling the time in Chinese
  • describing your school day and your class
Trinity 1 MEP Hurdles Tests revision and consolidation
Trinity 2 Food:

  • saying and writing basic foods
  • giving opinions about food you like and don’t like
  • talking and writing about what you eat for different meals
  • ordering food in a restaurant