Advent Resources (Units 1-5)

Lent Resources (Units 6-10)

Pentecost Resources (Units 11-15)

Below you will find an outline of the curriculum content delivered across the year. Please be aware that this is only an outline, and therefore at times content may cut across different half terms or may be moved as required. For a detailed breakdown of what you will be tested on in the assessment windows, please check the year group page.

Students cover 15 Units in Year 7. Each unit is linked to a career and the topics and content are interleaved to ensure revisiting of content and deepening of understanding.

Year 7 Content
Advent 1
  • Identify linear and non-linear sequences
  • Understand the basics of algebraic notation and how to solve problems using inverse operations
  • Understand equality and equivalence to solve equations and simplify expressions by collecting like terms
Advent 2
  • Order numbers using place value and be able to round to different degrees of accuracy
  • Convert fluently between fractions, decimals & percentages
Lent 1
  • Use addition and subtraction fluently in a range of different contexts
  • Multiply and divide numbers without a calculator, find the mean of a set of values and find the areas of different shapes
Lent 2
  • Find the fraction and percentage of amounts
  • Calculate with directed (negative) number in numeric and algebraic contexts
  • Add and subtract with fractions including with mixed numbers and improper fractions
Trinity 1
  • Measure angles, recognise different shapes and draw constructions of triangles
  • Use geometric reasoning with basic angle facts to explore different shapes and parallel lines
  • Develop my number sense by using mental arithmetic and number facts
Trinity 2
  • Represent data in Venn diagrams using set notation to explore probability
  • Recall prime numbers and work with factors and multiples to solve problems