Below you will find an outline of the curriculum content delivered across the year. Please be aware that this is only an outline, and therefore at times content may cut across different half terms or may be moved as required. For a detailed breakdown of what you will be tested on in the assessment windows, please check the year group page.

Year 7 Content
Advent 1 Introduction to Spanish

  • Greetings, colours, alphabet and useful classroom language
  • Grammar: definite and indefinite articles, possessive adjectives, adjectival agreement
Advent 2 Me and my family

  • To be able to give basic information about yourself including numbers, days of the week, colours, pets and family members
Lent 1 Me and my family

  • Forming regular present tense with -ar, -er and -ir verbs
  • To be able to say opinion phrases
  • Describe and give opinions of the members of your family and pets
  • Complex justified opinions of the members of your family and pets
Lent 2 My school

  • Description of school
  • Opinions of school subjects
  • Complex justified opinion of school subjects
Trinity 1 My school

  • Opinions on school uniform using colours and adjectival agreement
  • Opinions on break time activities using regular present tense verbs
Trinity 2
  • Exam skills
  • Consolidation of key grammar and vocabulary covered over the year